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My main goal is to lose weight - will your meal plans help me?

Absolutely! All the recipes in the meal plans are specifically designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We try to ensure all of our dishes are free from added sugars, low in saturated fats, and only use natural, unprocessed ingredients. This means they are full of nutrients and low on calories, whilst being very satisfying.

If you are watching your weight we advise you to be considerate of your portion sizes, try to avoid snacking between meals and make sure you stay well hydrated.

Are your meal plans gluten-free?

Whether you’re coeliac or gluten-free we’ve designed a specific gluten-free meal plan just for you. We try to use an alternative grain such as quinoa, rice, sweet potato, and butternut squash.

The gluten-free meal plan still uses ingredients such as gluten free oats which may be suitable for some coeliacs but not all. If in doubt, please speak with your dietitian or GP.

I am a picky eater/only cooking for one -will the meal plans be suitable for me?

Yes absolutely! Our meal plans have been specifically designed to help people try new ingredients and recipe ideas and we understand that you may not enjoy every recipe on every meal plan. Feel free to mix these with some of your favourite healthy dishes.

If you’re cooking for one either half the recipes that serve 2 and quarter the recipes that serve 4 or cook the suggested amount and freeze the leftovers to eat another day. That way you can save loads of time and reduce the cost of your meal plan.

I am a vegetarian – will the meal plans cater for me?

Of course! Just choose the right one for you!


I require a lactose free diet - can I still follow your meal plans?

Many of the dishes on the meal plans are naturally lactose free. For any lactose containing recipes we recommend you follow the recipe exactly but substitute ingredients such as milk or yoghurt for your favourite dairy free alternative, such as rice/almond/oats milk, soya yoghurt or soya cream and coconut yoghurt.

I have to feed my family too - what do I do?

Depending on how many you’re feeding double the recipes to get the right serving size. If there are meals you know your family won’t enjoy mix in some of your favourite healthy dishes.


I'm pregnant - can I still do these workouts?

Sorry, we wouldn’t recommend it.

I don't have much space at home - can I still do these workouts?

Yes absolutely! All our workouts have been designed to fit around you so all you’ll need is a yoga mat sized space to do the exercises.